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About The Yeshiva World Real Estate

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Welcome to The Yeshiva World Real Estate

(formerly known as Dirah Spot)

You are here at the hub of potential renters and buyers in the heart of Jewish communities everywhere. Whether you’re searching for a 2 bedroom chosson/kallah apartment, a long awaited semi-detached, or perhaps a sign from heaven to move to the suburbs, this site is where you want to be.

Every stage of life is filled with blessings and challenges, and finding a home is no different. At The Yeshiva World Real Estate, we understand the choices and deliberations that come along with a big move, and we’re here to make this time a little easier for you with our years of experience and our specially-curated resources.


With us, it’s a personal promise to provide a clear cut online selection of rentals and purchase properties. We feature each listing with accurate details, high resolution photos, and as much guidance as possible so that you can avoid the frustration of classified ads and misleading calls. With a simple, user-friendly interface, The Yeshiva World Real Estate brings you peace of mind when searching for your new home.

Peruse the web platform of The Yeshiva World Real Estate’s accumulative properties, as you deliberate the options. We hope that each click gets you closer to home. At The Yeshiva World Real Estate, we understand location and space just as much as we understand your familiar surroundings. Browse freely and make an educated decision.

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